Nation High School Life time Education Verification Service

Nation High School provides accredited and authentic high school diplomas to students across the globe. Our high school diplomas help our graduates to move ahead and accomplish their academic and career goals. Our high school diplomas are granted only after checking student’s attitude and eligibility by taking high school equivalency test.

Since our diplomas are 100% accredited we have no hesitation in providing credential verification service to students who are graduated from Nation High School. Through our education verification service, the prospect employers or educational institutions are ensured that the credentials being shown to them are 100% authentic and credible.

Education Verification Mediums

There are various ways through which we provide the education verification service to Nation school graduates.


With the diploma kit, you will receive an Education Verification Letter that contains information such as your name, year of graduation, GPA, etc. It also has a link on it that takes your employer/institute to an online page of Nation High School verifying the same details.

This service is offered for your convenience and to guarantee the satisfaction of your employer/institute.
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Free Phone

You can ask your educational institution or employer to call directly on our toll free Education Verification Service phone number. The toll free number has a representative 24x7 to provide complete credential authentication.


If you want we can email your employer or education institution and ensure them about the credibility of your credentials.


Nation High School can easily fax your credential verification to the fax number that you provide.

Postal Mail:

If requested, we can ship out your desired documents to the physical address that you provide. You can always contact our advisors to assist you in this regards. The documents will be shipped on your given address.